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Mustashe rider wanted

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Beautiful sunny day. Seeking friend with possibilty of ltr Not sure what to say but here goes lol I'm a swf alone mother of 2. I'm mustashe rider wanted bit of a workaholic but like a good adventure on days off Or just hang .

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Top definition. When a girl sits on the face of a guy with a mustache and he gives her oral sex. During sex, Lisa sat on Tom's rided and got mustashe rider wanted mustache ride.

Sitting on the face of a man with a mustache, and receiving cunnalingus from said man, thus creating the impression that you are on a ride.

Usually it is a female taking a mustache ride, but I assume males can mustashe rider wanted out a way to take the ride as. I just don't want to hear about it. Care to take a mustache ride?

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Mustache Ride unknown. When a person with a mustache has someone sit on their face.

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As if the mustache were a mustashe rider wanted at the carnivalwhere indecently most of the mustache rides are given. Mustawhe Sellek: Hey there, would you enjoy a mustache ride?

Burt Reynolds: I was about to ask you the same thing. Mustache Ride sex.

When a woman rides your face with her vagina. Who wants a mustache ride?

A guilty mustashe rider wanted most women share. Women want you to think mustaches mar male facial aesthetics but in reality they all just wanna perpetrate a deep, orgasm-inducing grind on that SelleckHandlebar, or Swanson.

Mustashe rider wanted I Am Want Sex

Clean-shaven men should watch out--this nustashe the age of the Mustache Ride. Ride that stacheride that stache, whatever possessed you to ride that stache?

You said it was a turn off! I don't know what came over me, baby!

Noun[edit]. mustache ride (plural mustache rides). (slang) Oral sex in which the receiver straddles the face of their male partner. quotations ▽. , Danielle. He told me he was producing the reboot and he wanted me to direct an episode. In TV, I I wasn't the hugeot Knight Rider fam, but I was pretty sure that KITTY. After a lovely evening, I took her home for a moustache ride. Who wants a mustache ride-this is a quote from the nude scene in suupertroopers for the less.

Please forgive me. Maybe after the wax works its way off your peach, you'll have lived down this fateful mustache ride.

After a lovely evening, I took her home for a moustache ride. Who wants a mustache ride-this is a quote from the nude scene in suupertroopers for the less. Mustache Ride: Yeah baby! An actual, physical, sittable Mustache Ride. I pretty much eyeballed the shape I wanted, and it came out close enough to version of a Marino Marini sculpture of a horse buckling under its rider. it was Charlemagne himself who wanted answers about their significance and that.

A woman, sitting on the face of a man, with a mustache. She is recieving pleasure, he is being smothered.

That is a Mustache Ride. Annabelle - "Can I have another mustache ride James?

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Mustache ride sex. When a woman sits on the face of a man whilst he orally pleases.

Seriously grandma do I have to give you another mustache ride? Micks's Grandma: What, you egg?

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