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I Am Wanting Sex Good man looking for a good wife

I Am Wants Sex

Good man looking for a good wife

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Do you teach at a public school.

Age: 48
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: Look Hookers
City: Fontana, CA
Hair: Pink
Relation Type: Looking For More Then Sex But Not Ltr

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In a time without Tinder or cool, fun singles bars to hit up for a potential partner, really desperate singles had to resort to taking out an ad in the newspaper. Yep, that's right. Social suicide.

Just recently, Max Roser, a researcher at Oxford University, posted a photo of an ad posted by a man looking for a wife back in If reading it on the tweet was a little difficult, don't worry. I've got the ridiculous ad written out here for you:.

I mean, HOW bad were teeth in the s that people literally had to note "good set of teeth" as good man looking for a good wife 18 year old! Honestly, when you think about it, I'm guessing friends from Norman didn't have braces back then, so having naturally straight teeth was probably a pretty sife dope accomplishment. Apparently, my research shows they're those big, poofy, uncomfortable, skirts women had to wear with goov metal rings underneath them to keep them away from their legs.

A group of people on Reddit tried to get to the bottom of the most pressing question of them all: Is this even a real? If you were too bored to read that whole thing let me give you a brief summary: This whole thing could be a sham. By Candice Jalili. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.